WORDA organization recently implemented project activity in collaboration with SIHA Network Program in Somaliland Organized and conducted life skills development training Under the Small Project Entitled “Empowerment of Street Vendors Women members in self-help groups through skills training” on 28_29th November 2017 at City Gate Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland. The main objectives of the Training/Project were To increase business and financial skills of women to enable them to improve their small business at a profitable level, and customer service and reduce poverty and attain improved standards of living by the end of 2017. To increase life skills of street vendors women their abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals and groups to deal effectively with the demands and challenges in Market and workplace

At end of the Training, 30  street women vendors learned life skills development including social skills, thinking skills and general skills including Self-Awareness Critical and Creative Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving /Conflict Resolution, Coping with Stress, Coping with Emotions, Effective Communication and Interpersonal Relationships and Negotiation Skills. They have also learned the importance of the building women street vendors networks to raise their voice to demand their basic needs.
The life skills development will support women street vendors to build competence to manage challenges and hard situation and specific prevention to damage their behaviour and equip them to utilize existing market and life opportunities, they discover sources of strength to improve their business and life dependency for self-reliance

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