Economic Empowerment and Resilience

What we do?

Economic Empowerment & Resilience

Unleash the potentiality of the poor.

Women are important to family structure and play an important role in economic and social development. Women run a small business to cover daily livelihoods of families and as well contribute to the national economy as taxpayers.

However, women miss opportunities and access to additional investment to grow their businesses due to the lack of government programs/incentives and scarcity micro-financing institutions. WORDA works towards creating opportunities for women to be economically aware by connecting women to microfinance institutions and creating members owned saving solutions known as Self Help Groups (SHGs).

SHG consist of 15 to 20 members who and are in same socio-economic background and neighbourhood which allows a member to attend weekly meetings and mentorship capacity building sessions by the community facilitators (CFs) and assigned project officer.

We promote organizing communities to pool their financial resources to establish a community-owned savings and credit system amongst the group. SHG is an effective tool for an Economic Development Model at the micro level to move out of poverty and build towards their families’ financial goals. SHG allows women to send their kids to school, grow businesses and save up for homeownership.

Since 2013, WORDA established and organized 81 SHGs and 1,200 members.

Self-Help Groups (SHG)

1656SHG Members
6+Established CLAs