WORDA works toward changing the lives of the vulnerable women community in Somaliland by improving access to social services, human rights and livelihoods through action-oriented.


WORDA is rooted in human rights in approach and theory of change within Somaliland’s cultural, economic, and political context. We engage in a human rights-based approach with a focus on breaking the cycle of women’s exclusion from access to justice, control and decision making on issues that affect their wellbeing, increasing youth participation in social, economic and political development and increasing skills training for employability.
Our work uses data to address the needs of the local community and evidence-based practices to advocate their needs, placing a special emphasis on women and children’s basic education, reproductive health and sanitation, human rights (advocacy against harmful practices), and sustainable income generation.


Empowering People to Change their Lives

WORDA is running the SHGs program (Danwadaag) which is an approach for unleashing the potentiality of poor people through the establishment of small groups of 15 – 20 members who initiating their own saving and investment through setting out criteria and rules.

Education & Skills Training

Human Rights & Advocacy

Economic Opportunities & Growth

Research & Development

We believe lives change when people come together and organize themselves towards a common goal. The long-term beliefs of the organization are to promote the social, economic and political wellbeing of women, children and youth in urban and rural areas. We believe that sustainable development for poverty eradication must be based on changing the people to demand what is rightfully theirs. We will continue to support the process of building democracy and participation in sustainable development processes, to promote human rights, gender equality, social and economic justice. WORDA believes that change is possible, and WORDA builds communities to lead change and realize their ambitions.

Self-Help Groups (SHG)

1656SHG Members
6+Established CLAs


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