Who we are?

Women Rehabilitation and Development Organization (WORDA) is a non-profit making and non-political organization engaged in the development of Somaliland communities. WORDA is found in 1994 as a CBO and passed through the different context in which it functions as a CBO, and later became a legally registered NGO in 1997. Therefore, has a functional Headquarter office in Hargeisa.



  • To improve the competencies of youth through vocational and entrepreneurial skills for employment and economic promotion purposes.
  • To Promote women’s rights and increase their knowledge of rights and responsibilities
  • To promote women’s Economic Empowerment and their political participation at all levels.
  • To promote livelihoods through environmental conservation and the introduction of sustainable agriculture techniques.
  • To reduce all violence against women and girls and eliminate all harmful practice of FGC, Child, Early Marriage in Somaliland.

Works Towards Women Empowerment

WORDA is a women-led organization that works towards changing the lives of women and amplifying their voices to claim their rights. Often times it is the women in households who are not only the primary caregivers but also the providers. Why not invest and empower women to have access to tools to succeed in life and build confidence in the pursuit of their goals. WORDA approaches this objective through advocating for human rights and justice, delivering educational programs and skills training, promoting access and participation in the decision-making process.

Our Vision

WORDA envisages self-sustained and rights respected for all Somaliland citizens with no social and economic setbacks.

Our Mission

With its expertise WORDA strives to upgrade civic participation in governance, human rights, and livelihoods for vulnerable Somaliland people as whole and women in particular through advocacy, training, enhancing livelihood skills education, and provision of material packages.


WORDA is rooted in human rights in approach and theory of change within Somaliland’s cultural, economic, and political context. We engage in a human rights-based approach with a focus on breaking the cycle of women’s exclusion from access to justice, control and decision making on issues that affect their wellbeing, increasing youth participation in social, economic and political development and increasing skills training for employability.
Our work uses data to address the needs of the local community and evidence-based practices to advocate their needs, placing a special emphasis of women and children’s basic education, reproductive health and sanitation, human rights (advocacy against harmful practices), and sustainable income generation as means to improve their livelihood.


The long-term beliefs of the organisation is to promote social, livelihoods and realization and practice of human rights that sustains the rights for all particularly Women, girls and children, youth and minorities as most marginalized groups as well as other individual citizen.

Self-Help Groups (SHG)

1656SHG Members
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