The women, girls and boys in IDPs in Hargeisa and in general in Somaliland are in a condition of extreme poverty and consequently, they have limited possibility to afford the costs of basic needs, such as shelter, education, healthcare and food, In the poor slums and IDPs, women are mostly responsible to generate income for their families but have very little opportunities to get reasonable capital and skills to engage in income generation activities that can make them earn more income to save families lives.

There are also poverty-related violations that women and girls mostly met because of their vulnerability and noiselessness. The majority of the families have an average number of six children per household and they struggle to survive by doing odd jobs. Therefore, all the family incomes are basically oriented to first needs and in most cases, they cannot afford the cost of school fees for the children. For the children from these poor families who succeed to be in primary schools face difficulty continuing high education.

To overcome and get solutions for these problems, WORDA organization planned to carry out different cohorts to provide Employment skill for women, and youth in IDPs in Hargeisa, The First Cohort for Self-employment skills training was launched November 2019 and currently, 105 women, girls and boys are attending WORDA training centre and learning different courses including; Tailoring, cookery, henna and beautification, computer courses, electricity and electronics. First Professional Cookery class of women and girls are finished and will learn also the fundamentals of business starting up and running. Thank you, anyone, who supported this project and we are especially acknowledging their Support and contribution of this project.


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