Empowering women’s SHGs for poverty alleviation

WORDA is a promoting organization for creating people-centred poverty reduction approach for social and economy poor empowerment by pooling savings as revolving credit among them. most of the Somali women become breadwinners after Somaliland gained its independence from Somalia. Building Women skills of employability and income generation have come the simplest way to alleviate poverty. SHGs approach is an economic development system that WORDA organization realized to empower the grassroots women organization(SHGs). This approach has provided opportunities for thousands of women and girls from the IDPs and low-income families to have income generation activities- Small business.

Poverty and unemployment are the major problems of Somaliland, the population of Somaliland are increasing year after years parallel for the rising unemployment rate, most of the rural and IDPs population living under poverty. The female unemployment rate is higher compared with men, and there is a growing of women unemployment in Somaliland, because of lack of country’s production sectors including agriculture.

Women SHGs in Mohamed Mooge Weekly Meeting.

Women SHGs in Mohamed Mooge Weekly Meeting.

Self Help Group (SHG) is a small voluntary association of poor people, preferably from the same socioeconomic background. They come together for the purpose of solving their common problems through self-help and mutual help. WORDA Organization has taken up the theme of women‟s empowerment as one of the strategies to tackle socio-economic poverty. 80 of SHGS have been formed 900 out of 1360 members are in the field of the business activities 9 Cluster Level Associations are functioned, and More than 3000 children have been enrolled in the schools and get access to education. under program More 1078 women in SHGs have gained small business management skills and importance of working together, Bank linkage have established and facilitated  them to receive a loan, Participated community mobilization and awareness-raising for sanitation and hygiene program and Advocated their social service by meeting local government and political parties and Improved standard life of their families


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