Rape: violence against human right and dignity

Rape and other sexual abuse in all its different forms are a violation of human rights with long and short term negative effects on the victims and their families. These suffer physical, social, health and psychosocial complications and in worst case scenarios, some victims are murdered by the perpetrators while others die of injuries inflicted on them

Domestic Violence and Family Break Ups in Somaliland: Causes and Consequences

Gender Based Violence can be defined by where it occurs. Domestic violence or Violence within homes is on them and the most prevalent. This violence between intimate partners is a major social and public health concern. According to the WHO (Fact sheet N°239 and Updated January 2016), global prevalence figures indicate that 1 in 3 (35%) of the women worldwide have experienced such violence in their lifetime.

Despite the fact that exact figures are hard to find as reported by the family unit at Hargeisa district court, Somaliland is not any different to other countries where such violence rates are on the increase and the result of this has been an escalation in family breakups. The dysfunctional family life and relationships ruin the lives of those

FIRST PROJECT COORDINATION MEETING OF COALTION MEMBERS Amplifying Civil Society Voices On Gender Based Violence in Somaliland

22 March WORDA conducted meeting for making coalition members for  initiative of raising voices toward the gender based violence prevention; meeting highlighted activities under amplifying change project, and need to support making collaboration and encourage an integrated response to gender based violence in Somaliland,

Second Dialogue Forum on Democratization Process for timely Elections in Somaliland

On 21st January 2015, WORDA conducted a one day Dialogue Forum on Democratization Process for timely Elections in Somaliland” held at Imperial Hotel Hargeisa, Somaliland.  The dialogue brought together political parties, National Electoral Commission (NEC), Registration Accreditation Commission (RAC), Civil Society

Regular Impact and Capacity Assessment For WORDA

   April 2, 2016

Development workers from progressio conducted focus group discussion meeting, which was intended to evaluate previous year activities of WORDA organization, this meeting has participated 25 people from various organization of self help groups and staffs of the organization. The participants are divided into different groups, the first

Networking and coalition building

On March WORDA conducted 3 days training on networking and coalition building, this training is one of WORDA strategic interventions on strengthening the democratic processes in Somaliland through public forums, dialogue workshops and capacity promotion trainings. The training hosted 30 women with different experience, knowledge

Voter Registration and Civic Education Community Mobilization Awareness Raising

WORDA organization launched a campaign for voter registration awareness raising in Bali-gubadle district and its sub-village. The voter education and voter registration community mobilization awareness raising in Somaliland was attempt to increase the participation of Somaliland citizen’s in the electoral processes which will be at 2017 Somaliland presidential and parliamentary election that will occurs in Somaliland for the all the regions.


Aim of the voter registration awareness:

 It intended to increase the awareness of targeted communities through different forms such as drama, community workshops, gathering and public awareness in order to increase people’s understanding of importance of voter registration, processes and know more what will cancel their voter cards.

What is done?

·         Community elders kick – off meetings to sensitize them when the awareness will start, whom to meet during the awareness and what will be done.

·         Production and printing of IEC materials

·         TOT training for 4 community mobilizers and 2 project coordinators who were the major implementers of the awareness

·         Conduction of 2 community workshops, one in Bali-gubadle and other in the 2nd largest town of the district – Bali-cabane.

·         Drama shows in rural villages through projector

·         Awareness gathering in 27 villages and Bali-gubadle head town of the district

In all these activities women and men are reached in accordance to the availability of people because of draught and dry season in which most of the people abandoned to other areas across the broader of Ethiopia.

Objectives of the community mobilization

Its main objectives were:

·         Organize grass-roots public events before and after the voter registration.

·         Undertake voter education Drama shows and advertising in the mass media;

·         Produce voter education posters, stickers, leaflets and banners with messages targeted community. Women, youth and marginalized peoples.

·         Hold educational events and workshops for community leaders, women and youths



The objective of the drama shows was:

·         To educate eligible voters, through street dramas, on their voting rights including the principles of one person one vote.

·         To educate eligible voters, through street dramas, voter registration education process

·         To promote and enhance the knowledge of focusing groups a particularly women, youth and old  peoples

Target Groups and Special Consideration:

In all phases of the drama, gender and social inclusion have been applied.

The street dramas have been targeting the following groups.

·         Youth and first time voters

·         Women

·         Marginalized groups

·         Eligible voters in general

·         Working areas: Major market centers and where there is high population density


 Community mobilization meeting has the advantage that it may be used to achieve various achievements toward voter registration process and Effective community mobilization has been developed and maintained for successful discussion and joint problem-solving which are necessary for voter registration process

Following success were achieved

a.      Community have understanding the mean of voter registration process

b.      Community has encouraged one and other to take part voter registration which is going on the entire district.

c.       Community was motivated while there was lot of drought which has effect animal and human life, but they were active to take part the voter registration.

d.      Community has been working with staff from the national commission election systematic working for voter registration

e.      People have understood the role that community can play voter registration and it is advantage to their regional development.

f.         More than 27 villages have been reached and educated for voter registration and education.

g.      Most of the community has participated the voter registration


Various challenges were encountered in trying to mobilize the community for action. The following were some of the challenges faced

1.      Existing drought has resulted most of the people to across the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia, this situation makes that most of people become non reachable.

2.      Community has faced critical situation that makes difficult to mobilize for existence of drought.

3.      Community mobilizer has faced lot of problem from the community’s demands for water and food for their family and livestock.

4.      During five days of voter registration in salahley national commission election of Somaliland has postponed ongoing of voter registration.

The health consequences of FGM/Cutting in Somaliland: Action is needed

Author (Amplifying Civil Society voice on GBV coalition members in Somaliland)

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons (Inter-agency statement 2008)[1]. It is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women and constitutes an

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