When people come together and organize themselves towards a common goal change needed can happen. The long-term beliefs of the organisation is to promote social, livelihoods and realization and practice of human rights that sustains the rights for all particularly the pastoral, poor rural farmers, women, children, youth and minorities as most marginalized groups as well as other individual citizen.

We believe that sustainable development for poverty eradication must be based on the empowerment of people to demand what is rightfully theirs. We will continue to support the process of building democracy from below. We believe that civil society will have a key role to play in the next few years to ensure broad based democratic ownership of and participation in sustainable development processes, to promote human rights, gender equality, social and economic justice, climate justice as well as peace and reconciliation. There are many challenges, but we believe that change is possible. We invite the people who pioneer for peoples’ change and empower people to realize their ambitions.