WORDA is a non-profit making and non-political organization engaged in the development of Somaliland communities since 1994 as a CBO, and passed through different context in which it functions as a CBO, and later became a legally registered NGO in 1997.  The Headquarter office is in Hargeisa Capital City of Somaliland to engage its operation at the other regions there is focal person representative in each other five regions of Somaliland.

WORDA is one of the potential women led organizations that and works towards women empowerment and development through amplifying their voices for claiming demands,  and high level government bureaucrats. This done through building capacities and local communities particularly women in advocating for their demanded rights, promoting education, skills for employments and accessing them to decision making levels.

WORDA is one of the founding members of Nagaad network, which a women network in Somaliland and also one of founding members of Nafis network which is anti FGC network in Somaliland. To put women causes in regional level WORDA is member organization of SIHA network which is women network for greater horn women in Africa.


WORDA stipulates theory of change within the Somaliland’s economic, political and cultural context. We will build on our previous and current work to deepen engagement in rights based work with a focus on breaking the cycle of women’s exclusion from access to justice; control and decision making on issues that affect their wellbeing.

WORDA focuses to work towards enabling them to attain their full potentialities and participate in the social short and long-term process changes with special emphasis of women and children’s basic education, Reproductive health and sanitation, human rights, advocacy including harmful practices, and sustainable income generation developmental programmes as the principle livelihood of the of those target.