WORDA implemented activities that were in focus to improvement of maternal health and sanitation (IMHS) at Togdheer region particularly in Burao head city of Togdheer region, Hara-sheikh village and Odweine District. Our goal on health services was to improve the quality of health services and extend accessibility to more people.
These were done through:
1.Provision of the necessary equipment/materials to Health facilities
2.Capacity building training on Nurses, TBAs and CHWs who are the core health staff of the MCH and health post centers.
3.Community empowerment trainings on conflict resolution, governance and leadership (necessary element for the project sustainability). 
4.Extensive community awareness campaigns on maternal health in the target sites and their surrounding satellites by organizing mobile clinics as a means of effecting attitudinal change in pregnant mothers towards the importance of ante-natal care. 
5.Institutional strengthening by building the capacity of the staff in their delivery of services and proper management of these facilities.
6.Provision of sanitation materials to rural villages to keep the environment clean preferably water points surroundings in order to enhance clean drinking water to the rural people
Maternal health and nutrition
  1. We provide health education and awareness session to child bearing women at rural and internally displaced settlements through:

    • Conduction of community awareness campaigns on maternal health and importance of pregnant mothers to visit health center and MCHs.
    • Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) on safe delivery and improve their knowledge on knowing symptoms of mothers in risk.
    • Referral of risk mothers to health centers
    • HIV/AIDs prevention mechanisms during delivery for mothers and for themselves
    • Provision of maternal health materials and equipment to rural villages health posts which have delivery rooms

Women Participation and Civic Education

It is 1 a year project started February 2016 and will end January 2017. This project aims at tackling a myriad of obstacles encountered by Women candidates during 2005 parliamentary and 2012 local council elections such as: Not having resources to campaign, men not accepting women candidacy, and women being new to political arena and clan role. Women also mistrust politics, their being disorganized, being discriminated against and their political role not recognized by political parties. To improve women political participation in Somaliland there is need for a comprehensive awareness raising, voter and civic education. To achieve this, the project shall give great focus on civic and voter education to rural and grass root women while building and improving women candidates potentially in campaign for confidence to equally compete with men during elections.