To strengthen and build the knowledge and skills of new selected Community Agent of Change, WORDA organization WORDA organization conducted 3days training on social and behaviors communication change; the training took place on 4th _6th December 2017, in City gate hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Rape and other sexual abuse in all its different forms are a violation of human rights with long and short term negative effects on the victims and their families. These suffer physical, social, health and psychosocial complications and in worst case scenarios, some victims are murdered by the perpetrators while others die of injuries inflicted on them

Gender Based Violence can be defined by where it occurs. Domestic violence or Violence within homes is on them and the most prevalent. This violence between intimate partners is a major social and public health concern. According to the WHO (Fact sheet N°239 and Updated January 2016), global prevalence figures indicate that 1 in 3 (35%) of the women worldwide have experienced such violence in their lifetime.

Despite the fact that exact figures are hard to find as reported by the family unit at Hargeisa district court, Somaliland is not any different to other countries where such violence rates are on the increase and the result of this has been an escalation in family breakups. The dysfunctional family life and relationships ruin the lives of those

Rape is a violation of human rights which results health consequence including physical, psychological, and emotional and a serious loss of dignity and respect. In social aspect, it causes a lot of problems which have an impact on the security, economy, and the health of the community; Rape is one of the most common violations against

22 March WORDA conducted meeting for making coalition members for  initiative of raising voices toward the gender based violence prevention; meeting highlighted activities under amplifying change project, and need to support making collaboration and encourage an integrated response to gender based violence in Somaliland,

   April 2, 2016

Development workers from progressio conducted focus group discussion meeting, which was intended to evaluate previous year activities of WORDA organization, this meeting has participated 25 people from various organization of self help groups and staffs of the organization. The participants are divided into different groups, the first

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Women Participation and Civic Education

It is 1 a year project started February 2016 and will end January 2017. This project aims at tackling a myriad of obstacles encountered by Women candidates during 2005 parliamentary and 2012 local council elections such as: Not having resources to campaign, men not accepting women candidacy, and women being new to political arena and clan role. Women also mistrust politics, their being disorganized, being discriminated against and their political role not recognized by political parties. To improve women political participation in Somaliland there is need for a comprehensive awareness raising, voter and civic education. To achieve this, the project shall give great focus on civic and voter education to rural and grass root women while building and improving women candidates potentially in campaign for confidence to equally compete with men during elections.

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