Youth dialogue Workshop about Health Complication of FGM and building awareness


The workshop took place on 13_14th February 2018, at gullied hotel park in Hargeisa, Somaliland. and the main objectives of the workshop were:

  • Youth to be aware of the harmful effects of FGM on girls and women’s health and on their lives
  • To share information, idea among the youth and their role to participate ending movement of FGM
  • To agree on actions that would need to be taken to protect women and girls against health complication of FGM
  • To promote the role of youth to advocate ending of FGM practices and saving lives of next young generation dialogue workshop was attended by 30 youth including


  • boys and girls selected from the University of Hargeisa especially the faculty of social workers and youth from the partners CSOs in Hargeisa. The participants were selected according to their role to contribute the ending movement of FGM. The student in social workers in Hargeisa University is committed and willing to make a change inside the community, and it becomes to build their skills about the FGM complication and their roles to contribute ending movement of FGM.  Nurse and midwife girls were also invited to participate the workshop in order to share their experiences on FGM complications to the other youth.

Main Outcomes 

In the last ten years, the participants agreed upon, the community perceptions of the practices of the FGM has changed, community have learned the health consequences of the FGM on the health of the women and girls, while the still the practice is going on, according to the reports from the communities u can see the how they speaking it while before 10 years talking about the FGM was shameful, they also add according to this workshop, there were no platforms that youth to share information and discuss related issues of the FGM. One of the youth girls in the workshop said “mothers were practicing the FGM and cut their girls the perception of the men, while today the men are just looking uncut girls, who will be married cut girls and she encouraged the youth males should participate the ending movement of FGM to save next generation

The dialogue workshop empowered the student from the University of Hargeisa and motivated to take part ending movement of the FGM. The social worker's student in Hargeisa university, they were committed and willing to exercise their knowledge to participate ongoing programs in the community. In others side, youth health workers presented their experiences and risk access they met during their daily work in hospitals that related to the issues of FGM. Educated girls have the moral education that could facilitate them to save their daughters and her families to abandon the FGM. The dialogue has build willingness of the youth and more solidarity between youth (girls and boys) to recognize health complication of FGM and its consequences on women and girls health.


  • Youth dialogues should be promoted to increase the holistic understanding of Health complication of FGM
  • Health education of youth should increase, through training, workshops, and gatherings
  • To end FGM, youth development practitioners who want to enhance their knowledge of integrated community development should find technical and financial support
  • Social and health workers should be trained on the social communication change
  • Public communities dialogues should be enhanced, to increase the health complication of FGM
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