Community Agent of Change Training


Promoting community behavior and attitudes change towards the abandonment of FGM in practicing communities in the project target area and general in Somaliland.  WORDA organization advocates the abandonment of FGM through the empowering community members and building community wellbeing. The main objective of the project was to promote the community advocacy from grassroots level to national level for abandon harmful practice of FGM.

Implementing project outreach activities especially, women to women gatherings, WORDA selected 8 people from the communities including 4 women and 4 girls to carry out community education awareness on health complication of FGM and its consequence on women and girls.

Main Objectives of the training

  • To build the capacity of Agent of Change for Social Communication change
  • To produce 8 people of Agent of change
  • To build the skills of agent change for community engagement process
  • To increase the knowledge of trainee for community advocacy based on evidence on FGM complications
  • To build the Agent of Change’s skills on ending movement of FGM and equip them for behavior, practices, and norms change on rights-based approach
  • To equip them  DO NO HARM PRINCIPLES

The main outcomes of the training sessions.

the community agent of change created by WORDA organization has learned following lessons that will promote them to create awareness raising through a home to home and women gatherings sessions.

  • Meaning of Community Agent of Change: Role and responsibility
  • Gender and Women’s Rights
  • Introduction to FGM and Legal Issues
  • Standards for Community Work
  • FGM and Health Issues
  • The International Legal Framework
  • Introduction to FGM and Legal
  • Communication Skills and Conflict
  • Do No Harm
  • Community Analysis
  • Community-based Participatory Action Methods (CPAR)
  • Introduction to the REPLACE Community Readiness to
    End FGM Assessment
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