Workshop of women political participation Advocacy, lobbying and Campaigns

The main objectives of the training were to build the capacities of women candidates in political parties to  improving their knowledge about lobby and campaign for political participation, women has faced a lot of problem during the election campaign due to lack of knowledge about the election campaign, Most of the women have no experience and does not use effective strategic about where, when, and how they run for office during political election, However women in politics need effective campaign resources, encouragement, and sufficient support,  to come up with this problem WORDA organization conducted 4 days training to increase the knowledge of women’s candidates in political Participation's.

During the workshop women from the political parties shared their experiences and knowledge about the campaign they demonstrate and presented the main challenges faced the women during the election campaign. However, the Participating learning following topics to improve their knowledge;

·         Definition and scope of Advocacy, lobbying, and Campaign

·         Importance of Advocacy, Lobby, and campaign

·         How to set up campaign

·         Strategic campaign plan

·         How to Produce Campaign Materials

·         How Sanitize Campaign Message

·         How to Identify Targeting Voter and Where to find the targeting voters

·         How to Delivery Their Message

·         Public Speaking

·         engaging with the Basic Media campaign Plan

·         Fundraising Campaign

Finally, the candidate women from the political parties agreed upon to build a platform where women to share their political issue by creating women networks.

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