Women Rehabilitation & Development Association

"Learn Skills and got a job, gain skills then Earn"

 Ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university

About Our Organization

WORDA is a women-led organization that works towards changing the lives of women and amplifying their voices to claim their rights.

Our Vision

WORDA creates opportunities where vulnerable women and their families have access to full basic human needs, to not only survive but to thrive.

Our Mission

WORDA works toward changing the lives of the vulnerable women community in Somaliland by improving access to social services, human rights and livelihoods through action oriented research, advocacy, and capacity building training and provision of materials and skills.

What We Do

WORDA is running SHGs program (Danwadaag) which is an approach for unleashing the potentiality of poor people through establishment of small groups of 15 – 20 members who initiating their own saving and investment through set out criteria and rules.

Education and Skills

We promote capacity of local communities to be self-employed through life skill trainings in computer hardware and software, Beauty salon, housekeeping, cookery in marketable sweets and fast foods, tie and dye, tailoring and electricity.

Research for Development

We are dedicated to make research work for women, children, and youth needs and demands, we promote research evidence based approach to advocate the human rights issues, we analysis and reflect organizational target beneficiaries needs.

Human Rights and Democracy

WORDA is one of the LNGOs, Networks and Activists that rigorously work towards increase of Somaliland women’s participation and representation at all levels through capacity building of women potential leaders, women political aspirants, and women activities.

Economic Empowerment, and Resilences

We promote community empowerment by creating people-centered poverty reduction approach through the creation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to pool their financial resources which is a community owned savings and credit system amongst the group.

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